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Salad Server Hands- (Undecorated)

Salad Server Hands- (Undecorated)


What a cute set of olive wood Salad Serving Hands! 

Shaped like a hand, these make salad prepping, ingredient tossing, scooping from a salad bowl, picking up and serving fun. They are a great alternative to salad tongs and will definitely make people smile when they see you serve salad with these helping hands. 

Everybody needs an extra set of hands now and then, so check out these handsome salad hands and make sure you have a pair when throwing the next dinner party for your friends or family. 

Olive wood is very attractive at home, it matches all types of dinnerware and serveware sets. A beautiful add to your olive wood utensils collection. 

This piece can also be purchased decorated (see separate product listing). 

Length: 20cm | 8"
Width: 10cm |
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